Turbo Flares - LED AA Hi Visibilty Road Flare Alternative

The TurboFlareTM is a revolutionary advancement in safety equipment. Rugged, reliable and economical, the Turbo Flare replaces the dangerous incendiary road flare with a weatherproof, shockproof and vibration proof high visibility LED rotating beacon that is compact and easily stored. It features a spring loaded moisture resistant ON/OFF switch, a tough DuPont Surlyn case, and caontains 20 Ultra bright LEDs with 360 degree rotation. It resists fuels, salts and chlorine and is safer than flammable incendiary flares. it won't damage the road surface and is reusable. Used by police, fire, rescue, military, helicopter emergency landing zones, building evacuation, refineries, hazardous response teams, DOT, public transportation and many more.